Tuesday, Dec 13th, 2011

Beauty How To | Newspaper Print Nails

Extra, extra read all about it! These nails are creative and definite reading material. It beats paying salon prices to paint words or pictures on your nails. Plus, you can choose content from your favorite article, work of writing, or even a comic book strip! Here’s how you do it


  • 1 Small glass
  • Rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 10 Strips of newspaper (big enough to cover each nail)
  • Any light colored nail polish (whites and pastels work best)
  • Clear top coat polish


  1. Polish your nails with your desired coats and let dry
  2. Pour some rubbing alcohol/vodka in the small glass
  3. Dip your (dried) nail in the rubbing alcohol/vodka (make sure you wet whole nail)
  4. Place and press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly but careful for 30 seconds. (do NOT Move the strip around)
  5. Remove strip and repeat on each nail or a select few nails if desired
  6. Finally, polish your nails with a good clear top coat to seal the deal.

Let us know how your newspaper nails turned out!

  • Denise

    i want to do this!

  • http://olivecocomag.com Elleina D.

    me too!!!

    • http://beauty taylor

      this looks so fun im about to do it when i feel like it but this looks super fun

  • Sammy & Christy

    Turned out really cool

    • http://beauty taylor

      when did you do it

  • Rachel Siegel

    aahhhhhh soooooo cooool. this is the best thing EVER!!!!!!! i am going to do this every time i paint my nails know joke.

    • Lily


      know is a way of saying you have the KNOWledge of something. You meant to say NO joke.

  • Kirsty

    I LOVE THIS ! hHhahah my friend kept it as a secret to mee but now i know! hahah !

    • http://www.twitter.com/ELLEINA_D Elleina D.

      glad to share the secret ;)

    • sophie

      my friend kept it sas a secret aswell!!!!!

  • Luna The Conjurer

    i spelled my name on my nails wit newspaper cut outs!”
    so cool1!!!!

    • http://www.olivecocomag.com/beauty-how-to-newspaper-print-nails/ No going to tell

      Yea super duper cooL! i DID totally Spell my crew’s NAME! i showed to the they were like WHOA THNAX! :) This ROCKS!

  • http://tumblr Allison

    I tried this and I assume it takes some practice, but when I put on the topcoat, all of the type smeared on my fingers :( how can I avoid this??

    • http://www.twitter.com/ELLEINA_D Elleina D.

      try allowing some dry time before applying the topcoat.

      hope that helps!

    • http://olive Hahaah

      i cant wait to do this!!!!!!!, i hope it works for me!!!!!!!!

    • Myrthe

      I guess you forget to let all the layers dry.
      Wait for each layer at least 15 mintues :)

      I hope it will help you :)

    • jenna

      mine did that too for a few of my nails..so when i put on the topcoat make sure you nails are dry and then very lightly put on the topcoat kinda dab it on you nails

  • Kacey

    It looks realy cool with lime green. or Glass Slipper Saly Hansen nail polish. My nails smeared a bit as well

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  • sarah

    Whats rubbing alcohol and where can i get some ? :)

    • http://www.twitter.com/ELLEINA_D Elleina D.

      Rubbing alcohol is a first aide product. It can be found in the first aid aisle in any drug store or grocery store.

      • Lily

        . I heard you could also use water? I saw it on a youtube video that instead of rubbing alcohol she used water.

    • Calg14

      Walmart or any drug store.. Almost anywhere.. Hope that helped!

  • Cera

    the newsbarely show any

  • hannah

    these were SO hard, and turned out okay, but that was my fault haha

  • http://supernaturallyawesome@blogspot.com lily

    awesome! definitey need to have a bottle of rubbing alcohol.. tried it with alcohol swabs i had… way harder, still works but i think it’d work better with a bowl of it.. they look good though!

  • Maddie

    I love doing my nails like this, it’s especially cool when you get newspaper from a different country that doesnt use the english alphabet, i use hindi and it looks really cool :D

  • http://Aol.com Maddie

    It Dosent wor at all

  • http://www.olivecocomag.com/beauty-how-to-newspaper-print-nails/ why?

    it didnt work for me… :(

  • brenna smith

    it turned out okay. my undercoat color smeared a little and the black print isnt really defined.

  • Olivia

    What color nail polish did you use i really like the color

  • Akira

    Do you have to use newspaper or can it be something else?

    • anonamous

      Well Im trying to do it with Jars so I can make cute candlelight jars, but it doesnt seem to be working :(

  • risha

    awesome!! r u sure its for 30 seconds dont u just peel it off within a second? cuz it doesn’t work tht way….

    • http://www.twitter.com/ELLEINA_D Elleina D.

      Just long enough to wet the nail. It’s just a quick dip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hannahzeller Hannah

    How long do you dip your nail in the rubbing alcohol?

  • NoNAME

    will the rubbing alchohol make the polish come off?

  • Steph

    Hey I love that nail color! What is it called?

  • Flora

    Going to do it in few minutes, and I hope, that it works!

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  • Jessica

    Okay, I don’t have rubbing alcohol. Does peroxide work?

    • mila

      um it does not really though i tried using it but u have to press really hard and sometimes it like peels off some nail polish and sometime the newspaper ink smudges..it works but they will be kinda messy

  • Taran

    Hey can you do this with something other than vodka or rubbing alcohol?

    • Amy

      You can use bicardi

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  • Lexi

    It does work… but you don’t need to stick your finger in Alcohol forever just 13 seconds or so. When apply printed bold letter paper or newspaper, apply onto the finger with FULL force without moving the paper. It will come out but not 100% visible. Just to let you know. And regular printer paper works too.

  • Niki

    I really want to try this except im not sure which colour i should do for the basecoat???????? any ideas???

  • A

    This did not work for me at all, and I followed the directions exactly and read all of the comments. The print came out less than 5% visible. I’m wondering if the brand of nail polish I’m using has to do with this.

    • Nette

      I found thaat placing the paper, then pouring the alcohol slowly over, makes the paper adhere where you want it, and thoroughly soaks it at the same time. You only need a capful of rubbing alcohol ore less than half a shot of vodka/rum.

  • Desiree

    When applying the clear coat be sure just to dab the 1st coat on and then you can go back and redo it.

  • Tiffany

    My polish keeps getting pulled off but I Promise it’s dried!!! D:

    • Kathryn

      Same thing happened to me! I think it happens if you hold it on more than 30 seconds or press way too hard for too long, cause when I actually timed the 30 seconds it worked perfectly.

  • ToneY’a

    it looks great i used a light purple as a base coat ……Its better to use vodka instead of achol and i didnt do a top coat to avoid smearing it stayed on perfectly!!!! <3

  • nancie

    do you have to use rubbing alcohol or can you use something else?

  • Thalia

    Work really well with mine took no time at all and you can really see the letters…of course their backwards but….:D

  • mkc

    do you use a base cost or no

  • idil

    lovely idea! had to try it and it was super easy and looks really cute!

  • http://Gmail.com Karie

    I mean I luv this idea so much

  • http://www.olivecocomag.com/beauty-how-to-newspaper-print-nails/ Hannah

    that looks soooooo kool i cant wait 2 try it

  • Kayla

    Every time I take the newspaper off it takes the color off too. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

  • kay

    make sure the newspaper stays wet, if you let it get dry while you’re pressing it to your nail, the polish will stick to it. (:

  • Autumn

    Love this idea excited to try it! :)

  • sarala

    it came out gr8!! thanks alot!!

  • Meg

    Hey, I am just wondering how you get the newspaper print to turn out so great. I have tried rubbing alcohol and i cannot seem to press hard enough on the bottom and sides of my nails and then it looks like one line of good words and the rest of the nail is barely visible ink. I am just wondering how you press down on the paper to make it go onto your nails so well, or what do you do to make it turn out so clear. I have a very very light grey color on my nails and I used rubbing alcohol. I cannot seem to get it to show up so well. Please let me know I would appreciate the help :D Thanks.

  • Caroline

    Does it with magazines?

  • izzy

    thanks so much for posting this! my nails look so cool! :)

  • Melaina

    Looks soooo cool, and wine works really well too guys! :D

  • Becca D

    Try nail varnish remover instead of vodka or rubbing alcohol

  • Daisy

    I didn’t have rubbing alchol or vodaka, so I used gin and I found that it works just as well. All of my friends love It and I haven’t told them how to do it, and now at school it’s ‘my’ look and if anybody else does it, everybody asks them why have you ‘copied’ daisy. I love this design so much, as it’s really unique, I do it all the time now, and just changed the coloured underneath it!

  • madi

    with a yellow undercoat this is AMAZING

  • http://ladies-trends.com/ Alana

    Beautiful… love it… I love newspaper :D

  • Millymoo

    this is the best tip everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So unique! I did mine with vodka and they came out amazing =] =] Thank you so much!

  • lalalaa

    do you need the clear coat on top?
    or will it work just as well with out it?

  • noelle

    Tried, nail polish is totally dry (like for an hour or so) we didn’t have rubbing alcohol only medicinal, worked great the first time but moved the nailpolish so I tried again and now it’s not coming out…. :(

  • http://www.ronadelle.blogspot.com ronadelle

    This is so cool! I like it!

  • friend2

    it didnt work at all for me. when i let my nails dry it didnt work. when i left my nails wet it didnt work either. i even tried different ways of putting the newspaper and alcohol on and i even tried different articles like some from magazines, some from newspapers, and some i print out myself

  • Zing

    My nails came out wonderfullll<3 Thank you~!

    I have newspaper writing and pictures from the travel section on my nails now :)

  • Joslin

    its so easy if you just get the newspaper wet and put it on your nail. that way when you take the paper off you dont get left over paper residue! and be careful with the top coat, does smudge little! but turned out really cute<3

  • Melanie

    Mine will not work even though I followed the directions exactly. I am kind of getting frustrated.

  • Casey

    It didn’t work for me! Any tips?

  • Mareike
  • Sophie

    Worked well but think I need more practice!

  • http://www.olivecocomag.com/beauty-how-to-newspaper-print-nails/ Asia

    After some practice i got it it came out smooth and straight you must use rubbing alcohol. I tried vodka and rubbing alcohol works the best!

    No More trips to the Nail Salon and now i dont have to pay for my kids i do them myself and they love it. Thank You olivecocomag.com

  • whitney

    I did it with lavender nail polish and a spanish dictionary and it turned out great!

  • britt

    So creative & fresh, love it! <3


    Is it possble to do this with a magazine???

    • monique

      no ive tried magazines, for some reason, im guessing the glossy print, it just wont transfer, I wish it would tho :)

  • Jo

    This is soo cool…works beautifully!!!!!!!!

  • Destiny

    Love this! I just finished doing it and my nails look great! Thanks!

  • http://www.olivecocomag.com eimear

    I tried it with almond extract IT DID NOT WORK!!! please tell me why

    • http://thecassyfashion.tumblr.com Cat

      Because it has no alcohol in it..

  • Kate

    Mine didnt workkk :(

  • http://facebook.com Aqueeah

    this , is so cool i wish i can really make this when im go home today im going to try . i just dont want to make a mess im in school and and i think this is going to br my science projesct but not the same thing thou (:

  • Isabella Shields

    It worked really well with gin :) thank you, this has allowed me to prove a point to my english teacher :L

  • Joanne

    This was so easy, and it turned out great! Thanks!

  • maria

    mine didn’t work :(
    I used rubbing alcohol and printed some pictures i wanted on it….is it possible for the paper to be too thick?

    • Tori K.

      the paper can’t be too thick

  • Chelsea

    :D this was pretty chill, although on like two or three nails the paper came off with it and ruined the letters. but hey the rest looks amazing(:

  • Tori K.

    omg this works i did it it was so cool, i used green print on top of red polish for christmas colors! If your naikls smudge, then use a toothpick for touch-ups, or use nail polish remover to get it off your skin and no the paper cannot be too thick.

  • Jordan.

    Mine sucks all the nail polish started to come off with the paper.

  • Melissa

    I love this! They turned out really good, but the one thing that came out bad was the ink’s visibility. Is there anyway that you can get the newspaper ink to be darker?

    • triX

      call the newspaper, explain your nail delima, I’m sure they’d understand.

  • Amber

    Didn’t work /:

  • Jess

    Does it come of??

  • blondiex

    Fantasticcc!! was watching videos on youtube on how to do this and it was no good but here its brill :-) ! easy steps!! xx

  • triX

    i am going to spell out awkward ransom notes on each of my nails…”if i don’t have my money by 5pm this nail’s gettin clipped…and filed!”

  • karen

    I tried it twice now & the newspaper keeps sticking to my nails with the print. Maybe I need to get the paper wet too, as someone suggested. Then, when I try to scrape off the paper, the letters get rubbed off or smeared, so it doesn’t turn out right. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying different things. :/

  • Renee

    I first tried this with rubbing alcohol and the letters were barely visible. Following the advice on another website, I tried almond extract instead and it worked great! Get a cotton pad wet with the extract, stick the paper to the pad, then hold the paper and pad on the nail for about 20 seconds. If you go too long, the words from the opposite side of the paper will transfer as well.

    • josefine

      where can you buy some from?

  • Brooklyn

    I also just wrote on regular paper what i wanted on each nail and it worked PERFECT! So if you want something on your nails thats not in the paper make sure you just draw it on paper!(: I lost my cousin and i wanted to do something creative with his name.. so i drew the letters out on paper and put them on my nais.(:

  • fred

    i love this

  • She girl

    I loved this i just did it. I used vodka because i didnt have any rubbing alchohol and it worked great. The first few i did smeered a tiny but after that it looked great. I LOVE THIS TECHNEQUE!!!!!!!

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  • Raja

    umm this didn”t work at all for me and my friends it works a lot better if you dip the strip of newspaper first then put it on your nail and not for a long time just about ten seconds!

  • Care


  • http://gmail.com Hannah

    it worked really well!!!! <3

  • Morgan

    Can you do this with acrylic nails? Does the rubbing alcohol effect the acrylic?

  • Morgan

    This did not work. i tried and tried but the words were not transferring. Help!!!!

  • Kristine

    i used a neon pink for base. Does that work?

  • Kristine

    OH NO! i just took off on strip of newpaper and nothing works!

  • http://www.picassohairfeathers.com kate

    My friend did it on me – looks AWESOME!! I used a gay-blue as the base. Very cool!

  • http://facebook.com/samlovesham9 Sam

    Love the vodka thing. Haha. XD

  • mickie

    i love my it came out good thanks

  • Molly

    Mine came out pretty well. A few nails are hard to see, and one smudged the nailpolish, but the rest are great! Can’t wait to show them off.

  • monique

    Ive done this several times, and i’ve found that it works much better if you dip the strip of newspaper into the alcohol for a couple seconds, then place on nail and hold firm.

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  • http://aweekendwithtaylorswift.weebly.com Natalie Hanson

    LOVE THIS! super easy! I didn’t put a top coat on because it always makes the nail polish chip off faster. I love this look! But be careful not to hold the newspaper on you finger more than 30 sec. or it doesn’t work. :)

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  • maggie


  • Jenna

    About to do it, super excited to see how it turns out!!!(:

  • Barry

    1. Use white nail polish, not grey
    2. Take gloss black nail polish and handcraft ink blots at tip up to 1/3 center of each nail
    3. Apply clear coat

  • Prettyprincess

    I used this as a background for my artwork on paper! it worked really well… but on my nails i painted them white and i caught peoples attention better becuase it looks more like newspaper.. i also did comic strips and that was amazing!

  • Calypso

    Mine turned great i Did not have rubbing alcohol and i had no vodka so i used water but When you use water you have to press harder the paper on the nail hope it works^-^

  • Calypso

    You can use viski to If you don’t have anything else

  • max

    will it work if you print out words on a piece of papper and do it with that instead?

  • http://beaumaquillagex.blogspot.co.uk Beaumaquillagex

    Hi great post!
    Thanks very much, I am going to try this tomorrow!
    beaumaquillagex.blogspot.co.uk xx

  • Amanda

    I just did it! it came out great(:

  • http://oliveco.com fifi12341

    this did NOT work for me ABND PLUS I DID EVERYTHING!

  • Sherlockian

    Me and some friends really like BBC’s Sherlock, so we printed out the iconic wall paper on a wall in 221B, and it worked great. Then we painted the yellow smiley face on our ring finger nails. They turned out great :)

  • starkidrangerr

    i let them dry for a while and the clear coat smudged the ink….

  • baby

    i couldnt get it to work

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  • http://yahoo.com LittleMiss.Angel101

    Purfect! Simple 2 use and easy 2 follow! Love it!

  • http://ekobudiatmodjo.blogspot.com/2012/05/hierarki-dari-kebutuhan-manusia-menurut.html after school program|

    Awesome issues here. I’m very glad to look your article. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a mail?

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