OC Romance | Karrueche Tran Opens Up About Relationship With Chris Brown In Rolling Out Magazine

We’ve all heard about the whirlwind romance surrounding Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Chris Brown’s now “kind-of-ex-girlfriend” Karrueche Tran. Now, the model–who is preparing to launch her own clothing line, The Kill–is opening up about her relationship with the singer, moving on from the tabloid rumors, and more in the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine.

On the breakup with Chris:

“Any breakup is going to be terrible.  I had my moments.  I put that all in the past now.”

On relationship with Chris now:

“It is what it is at this point. We’re still gonna be friends.  Because at the end of the day he was my best friend.  And we have a business together.  There’s no way around it.”

See her sultry Rolling Out spread after the break! Read more…

OC Romance | See Which ‘Real Housewives Atlanta’ Star Just Confirmed Her Engagement!

Another ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star will be headed down the aisle soon! Singer and Grammy Award winning song writer Kandi Burruss got engaged to boyfriend Todd Tucker on New Year’s Eve. Kandi jsut confirmed to news to Us Weekly, saying:

“I was totally surprised.  I used to make jokes with my friends that I [was] part of the Forever Single Club.  That’s what I said before, but now I’m totally different.”

The two  met on last season’s  RHOA while they were in Africa as Todd was a part of the production crew. Read more details of their engagement here. Congrats to Todd and Kandi and see her gorgeous 2 carat ring after the break! Read more…

OC Romance | Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo Get Cute & Cuddly For Glamour Magazine

Cute musical couple Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are featured in the February 2013 issue of Glamour magazine! In a fun spread that is catered to Valentine’s Day, the duo–who have been together for almost 2 year– talks about fun date spots that can spark romance in your relationship. See their hot shots after the break! Read more…

OC Romance | Brandy Shows Off Her Huge Engagement Ring!

Singer Brandy has had a lot to celebrate in 2012: a hit reoccuring role on BET’s The Game and a chart-topping album. Now, the Grammy Award winning singer has something else to show off! Right after the holidays, Brandy jetted to Hawaii with fiance’ (the couple got engaged over the Christmas holiday) Ryan Press and was not shy about showing off the bling. See more flicks of Brandy’s ring from Hawaii and from New Year’s in Las Vegas after the break! Congrats to Brandy and Ryan! Read more…

OC Romance | Sex Tips: Work Out Your Tension Together

Do the holidays have you feeling a bit stressed? If you’ve been carrying a bit of tension in your shoulders lately, this morning’s sex tip has your name written all over it. The next time you and your man are hooking up.  Sit across from each other…. Read more…

OC Romance | Your Top 100 Dating + Romance Questions Answered!

Dating, relationships, and marriage can be difficult! Cosmopolitan Magazine has taken it upon themselves to answer the top 100 of your burning relationship questions. Everything from how to reignite the spark in your relationship to knowing when to start leaving things at his house. Check out the top 100 questions and answers to your burning relationship issues!

1 It’s been four days since the date, and he hasn’t called. Is he not into it?
Maybe. E-mail and say you had a great time. If he doesn’t take the bait, move on mentally.

How do I keep my husband’s little quirks from driving me crazy?
Focus on the flip side. For example, if he’s messy, be happy he’s laid-back and not superanal.

Why does he always text back after I leave him a voice mail?
Men’s goal is “fast,” so to them, it’s the most direct way to stay in touch with you.

When can I start leaving stuff at his place?
When you’re consistently staying over for consecutive nights. Start small…like with a toothbrush.

5 I think his friends are a bad influence. What can I do?
Nada. Men are loyal to their buds. What matters is that his behaviour doesn’t change around them.

How important is it that I get along with my hubby’s mom?
It’s crucial. But don’t struggle to be BFFs; just friendly and respectful will do.

He never plans anything. How do I get him to step up?
Take him on a date he’ll love, like to a sporting event. Then suggest alternating organising nights out.

8 It’s been five years and he hasn’t proposed to me yet. Bad sign?
Not always. Unless you spell out when you expect that ring, he’ll assume you’re okay with the status quo.

He still hangs out with his ex. Should I worry?
Not so long as he includes you when they get together.

10 Should I play hard to get even if we’ve been dating for a few years?
Sometimes. It maintains a sense of mystery that keeps him panting. Read more…

OC Romance | Business and Pleasure Do Mix…Please Date Responsibly

By | Br3tt0n

Everyone has heard of the rule don’t mix business with pleasure, but we tend to do it anyway and tend fail miserably when trying to unify the two.  The rule seems so black and white, yet it seems painfully hard to abide by.  The usual results are a short fling and closes out like a break up scene from a Tyler Perry movie because that guy that sits adjacent to your cube is winds up to be more toad than prince. Well, I am here to tell you that romance can exist in the workplace or in a business setting long as you do it right. Below are some concerns and guidelines to consider if you want to successfully turn your co-worker into your co-lover or whatever you heart desires. Read more…

OC Romance | How To Avoid “Holiday Fights” With Your Significant Other

Though this time of year is full of laughter, joy, gift-giving, and party-hopping, it can also add a strain to your relationship. Whether you’re arguing over decoration, who’s family you’re going to eat dinner at, or how much money to spend on gifts, at least one holiday argument will throw you off kilter. Holly Corbett from Redbook magazine gives us tips on how to avoid the dreaded holiday arguments.

The holiday fight: You feel like you always shoulder the bulk of the holiday duties – from making cookies, to gift shopping, to buying plane tickets – and start to take it out on your husband by getting short.

How to avoid it: It’s important to give yourself permission to ask for help, because your husband may not realize what exactly you need him to do. Just start with a positive approach when making a request. Try, “I really want your parents to have thoughtful Christmas presents, but I’m feeling so overloaded right now. Would you mind shopping for them this year? It would be a huge help and I’d feel so much more relaxed.” The key is to talk about how you’ll divide holiday duties the week before – not when you’re in the middle of the madness.

Read more scenarios and advice after the break! Read more…

OC Relationships | Positive Co-Parenting During the Holidays

By | Maya Antoinique

Holidays can be a very stressful time for co-parents whether you’re divorced, separated or just simply not together at all.  There’s a lot of emotional strain that can arise for everyone involved. One of the main challenges is finding the time share arrangements that will work for your co-parenting team. Read more…

OC Romance | Spice Up Your Love Life with Double Dates

When you first met your man, all you wanted to do was spend time alone with him. Having other people around would cut into your cute and cuddly time. Then you made it official, you got into a routine, and you and your boo lost that loving feeling. Don’t worry, girl. It happens to the best of us.

While you may think a romantic getaway or a sexy staycation is what you need to spark things up again, a new study is saying that you might actually want to get out and socialize with other couples instead. According to research conducted at Wayne State University, couples that spent time with other couples and engaged in thoughtful conversation experienced an increase in good vibrations toward each other and a greater understanding of one another.

So, when’s your next double date? Read more…

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