OC Video | Jessica Biel Gushes Over Marriage to Justin Timberlake on ‘Ellen’

Now that actress Jessica Biel and singer Justin Timberlake are officially married, Jessica is finally opening up about the joys of being married to one of the most desired men on the planet! She recently hit the Ellen DeGeneres Show and openend up about her newlywed status. Check out the video below!


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OC Romance | Single For The Holidays

Sure, you could sit around thinking, “Why aren’t I in a relationship?” Or, you could celebrate your unattached status with these fun ideas.. Here are five tips that can change your holiday experience for the better: Read more…

OC Romance | Darryl Dwayne’s “10 Steps To Not Becoming The Holiday Jumpoff!” Pt.1

By | Darryl Dwayne

Thanksgiving is now a blur as you drown your dysfunctional family sorrows in another glass of red wine and then it begins… your cell phone starts to dance all across the tabletop flooded with Thanksgiving well wishes from friends, family, Ex’s, associates and unfamiliars whom you’re not even sure how they got your number in the first place.  As you pick up your smart phone and scroll through all the texts and Facebook posts, you happen across some old acquaintances whom you went to school with and realize that they’re back in town for the holidays as well!  As you click their Facebook link, you get this feeling that you should just put the phone down and get back to your glass of wine and maybe blog or journal about the craziness that is your family, but instead you click the photos link.   Soon as the first picture comes up you start asking yourself why you never noticed them before when you were all in school together. As the carnal thoughts in your mind start to wonder with every new pic, your desire to know them better becomes even stronger. Before you even recognize what’s happening, you’re at a bar seated across the object of your desire only to find yourself hours later wrapped up in each other like fresh new bed linen enveloping the contours of a king-sized mattress. Now at the time it’s cool because you’re just looking for something to take your mind away from the headache brought on by your family, job, and/or holiday hoopla in general!

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OC Romance | 5 Ways to Fake Your Love for Football and Meet A Man

Let’s be honest, you really don’t like football, but that cutie over there does. Fall is considered “cuffing season” and unfortunately, you may have to navigate around football—a guy’s first love—to slap the cuffs on. Whether you’re looking for a date or already have a beaux, your disdain for the game may be blocking you from scoring a touchdown. You don’t have to fall in love with the sport, but showing some interest will get the cutie over there’s attention. Here are 5 tips we found on how you can successfully fake-it-til-you-make-it! Read more…

OC Romance | Love Lessons From Super Tight Celeb Couples

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Love Lesson You Can Learn From Them: Make your love private.

When  was the last time you heard either B or J talk about their marriage in depth in an interview? Um, never, actually. We’re not recommending that extreme of a  strategy, but follow their lead by not blabbing to your friends every single  aspect of your relationship. Keep some of it sacred and for you two only. Read more…

OC Relationships | Is YOUR Guy Making You FAT?

By | Maya Antoinique

Ladies, we all know that falling in love can make you feel all soft and gooey inside and totally on cloud 9. He thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and nothing else matters but being with your boo. But unfortunately love can have a not so flattering effect on your gut. Skip a workout here, order some greasy takeout there, and before you know it, you have more than just butterflies in your stomach—you’ve got a full-on jelly roll hanging over your waistband. And BAM, there goes the dreaded “boyfriend layer.” Jeans don’t fit and you find yourself in utter disgust with your guy. Like “How could you? It’s all your fault?” All those late nights watching movies and eating Red Baron pizza have caught up to you. It’s totally common in relationships. Research has shown that happy couples that cohabitate tend to gain weight at the same time, but for some reason it’s much easier for your guy to whip back into shape than it is for you. Usually eating habits change and exercise regimes fall way off the radar. Not to worry OC has a few tidbits on how to escape the “love chub!!” Read more…

OC Romance | Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it can become more difficult to make ‘we’ time in your relationship. Between work, taking care of the family, holiday plans, and shopping, by the time you get home…you’re wiped out! Here are 4 tips from MSN.com’s Riann Smith on how to reignite the spark in your marriage or relationship.


Think back to those early days of dating. Every laugh, lingering look, or under-the-table leg brush was a guaranteed goose bump-giver. Well, you can turn back the clock to that supercharged premarried state by making a simple shift: Start flirting again. Ditch typical dinner convo topics like work, in-laws, and home renovations for entertaining stories or provocative questions like, “Imagine you could go anywhere in the world, right this second — where would it be?” If you’re at a party, slink away, get a couple of drinks, and flirtatiously introduce yourself to your spouse like you’re strangers. It may take them a second to catch on, but once they do, it’ll set a sexier tone for the rest of the night — and remind you both that there’s still a lot to discover about each other. Read more…

OC Romance | Courtisde Couples: Jay-Z & Beyonce, Alicia & Swizz

Celebs hit the paint this weekend to take in lots of courtside NBA action! Beyonce and Jay-Z got cozy at the season opener for the Brooklyn Nets in which Jay is one of the owners. Musical couple Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz made it a family affair at the NY Knicks game with their kiddies in tow. See more flicks of the power couples after the break! Read more…

OC Romance | Are You Still Singing the Bad Boy Blues?

By | Maya Antoinique

Have you ever thought about why as a younger woman you loved a thug or maybe why some women still say they love a bad boy? We  may not say it, but we all really want a gentleman to open doors for us, be honest, and spoil and adore us, but sometimes that “bad boy” who’s ‘oh so carefree and arrogan’t’ catches our eye. Instantly, we are thrown off of our game and before you know it, your nose is wide open. I’ve personally been there myself. In high school I wanted the bad boy who barely came to class, talked with the utmost level of ignorance, gold fronts in his mouth, kept my hair & my nails done and who always kept the hottest pairs of sneakers on my feet. Yea I thought it was cute, but booyyyy was I stupid.

What is so seductive and exciting about the destructive behavior of  the guy our mother’s warned us about and the guy our daddy’s would refer to as a “knuckle head?” Surely it doesn’t make sense to fall in love with a man that treats you badly, never calls, not stable and keeps you guessing.  Is this just a phase, and how long will you sing the bad boy blues? Find out why you should ditch the bad guy. Read more…

OC Romance | Spice Things Up in the Bedroom with a Sexy Costume

 Let’s be honest ladies, we sometimes get complacent in the bedroom and things can get a little boring. If you feel silly falling into role play, try a costume. You would be surprised at how what you wear can dramatically change how you feel. Slipping into something sexy will make you feel sexier, it’ll be easier to get into a “role”, and your significant other will love the spontaneity.  Sometimes you just have to put on a suit to get “outside” of yourself.  What better way than to take on a new persona?! In other words, it doesn’t have to be Halloween (like today!) to wear a costume. 3wishes.com has a series of Playboy type costumes, as well as other lingerie, ranging from from feline cats to playboy bunnies, that you can purchase right online in the comfort of your own home (for the shy types).

Let’s take a look at some of what they have to offer!

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