OC Romance | How Important Are Looks to You?

Now that you have stopped staring at the cluster of hot guys above, I have your attention…I guess.

When it comes to picking your beaux, how important are looks to you?

It is common and easy to end up wading in the shallow end of the dating pool, but you could be selling yourself short if you are only bating your hook for the pretty fish. Though attraction is important, the value you place on it can become a problem in your dating choices. Focusing more on looks can overshadow the better qualities in a mate such as intelligence, commonsense, values, sensitivity, stability and so on. If you are putting more value on looks, here are some things you may be doing: Read more…

OC Romance | Is Flirting Healthy For Your Relationship?

Flirting is often one of the first things people do–whether they know it or not–if they’re attracted to one another, meeting new people, or just wanting to get to know someone. Whether it’s simple back and forth chatty conversation, or eyeing one another in acknowledgement, flirting done right can add spice and ante in your relationship as long as you don’t cross the line. According to AskMen.com, “Looking and playful flirting can be considered healthy components of keeping a strong relationship going.” So why is this helpful? Well, Dr. Seth Myers, author of Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription, says:

 “We’re only human and our sexuality lives on, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. When you’re in a relationship, a little flirting is arguably healthy and normal. Those who say one should never flirt with someone else most likely unconsciously flirt, at least a little when their partner isn’t present.”

Read more about this after the break! Tips on how flirting can increase your confidence within the relationship, and learn about knowing your boundaries! OC Note: If you know YOUR type of flirting will lead to physical activity, stop while ahead!! Read more…

OC Romance | Supporting Your Man

Being in a successful relationship takes a lot of work and dedication. Let’s face it, sometimes ‘just love’ isn’t enough! With the rollercoaster economy along with the basic ups and downs in life, it’s very important to make sure the two of you are supporting each other whole-heartedly.  Often times, our men get more down in the dumps than us and need that extra pick-me-up that lets them know everything will be ‘ok.’ Support goes far beyond stroking a check or dishing out some cash, so here are a few tips to help support your man through any of his trying time.


When your man starts acting funny, the first thing you may think is he’s creeping around or up to no good. It’s so important to pay attention to other signs that something may be wrong. Is he not as talkative as usual? Does he seem unmotivated or uninspired?  Is he more argumentative or lackadaisical about issues? If you start to notice these things, there may be an underlying problem. Think back a few days before you began to notice the issues and ponder…were there signs that a problem was looming?

*Maybe he’s not feeling appreciated at his job, continuously low on cash, just lost his job, or is not feeling like an equal partner in the relationship. Read more…

OC Romance | Distractions Become An Attraction

When you are dating and feelings have gotten to a point where you and your partner have gravitated toward an exclusive relationship, it means that you now provide each other with undivided attention.  This exclusive form of dating is a progressive step but is not fully secure.  There is a possibility that your eyes and heart are still transitional because you may not be content and fully convinced that the person you are with is “the one.”

When you are dating, you will still meet people along the way that you may have curiosity about and you may hold on to the contact, yet not entertain or pursue out of respect to your current relationship.  This contact-in-waiting can become a problem during weak moments in a current relationship.  There is a strong possibility that whatever you may be lacking and yearning for in your relationship, such as: a voluntary act of love; consistent phone calls; or thoughts of affirmation, can be gained from the eager contact-in-waiting. Read more…

OC Romance | Cute Date Ideas for the Spring/Summer

By | Maya Antoinique

With the stresses from your everyday life, having a date night is surely the remedy to ease away all of the madness. To keep the romance alive, you should plan a date night at least once a month. For those on a budget, date night doesn’t have to be expensive to be rewarding and fun. Check out 5 fabulous budget date night ideas after the break!! Read more…

OC Romance | Fine Wine or Vodka on the Rocks: Older Men vs. Younger Men

Who does it better…older men or younger men? When it comes to chosing someone to date, it can be hard to decide which man you want to go for. A lot of our favorite celebs have husbands who are atleast 10 years older (Catherine Zeta-Jones) or atleast 10 years younger (Demi Moore). Here are a few pros to dating an older or younger man that might help you in your dating decision making. Do you like the fine wine or the vodka on the rocks? Read more…

OC Romance | Happy Spring: The End to Cuffing Season

It’s something about the winter that makes two bodies search for someone to keep them [clears throat] “warm”. But at last, Spring is officially here and Cuffing Season has come to an end! Sorry, cuddle bugs [cue the sighs].  With social temperatures rising, soon there will be no reasons to stay cuffed indoors with your beaux. More often, people get spring fever and want to fly solo during the warmer seasons. So today, enjoy the first full day of Spring while preparing for your Spring fling and Summer romances!   

Read more…

OC Romance | Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Pregnancy Cravings & More!


On Wednesday, Tamar Braxton announced to the world that she and husband Vince are expecting their first child! She and her sisters–who are on the promo roll for their WeTV hit show Braxton Family Values–hit up ‘Anderson Live ‘where Tamar (who was a guest co-host) opened up about her pregnancy cravings and more.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Tamar and Vince also headed to US Weekly offices where Tamar opened up about preparing for the baby:

“I only have a few months to go. I’m in my last trimester.  We know. You don’t! [the sex of the baby] You have to wait. You’ll find out on Braxton Family Values. I don’t want to spoil it. It’s weird because it’s always been just me and my shoes, and now it’s me and a baby. It’s good news.”
Can’t wait to see how all of this plays out on Braxton Family Values which airs Thursdays on WeTV at 9PM!

OC Romance | 10 Things Men Won’t Tell You!

Just as much as women keep secrets, men do too! Sometimes your man just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, he just wants to avoid conflict, or he simply has too much pride. From telling you how he really feels about you in the bedroom to telling you if you ‘look fat in that dress,’ here are the top 10 secrets that men keep from women from Woman’s Day. Read more…

OC Romance | Stages of a Break-up

Everyone searches for a quick and easy book of guidelines to aid in a break-up.  The truth is: there is not such a book.  If the relationship was full of complexities and heartache in the midst of good times, it only makes sense that a break-up would be equally complicated.  When one finally decides a break-up is on the horizon, he or she must realize that the partner will go through stages before the break-up is complete. Read more…

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