Monday, Dec 10th, 2012

OC Beauty | Hide that Holiday Bloat with Makeup

By | Maya Antoinique

The art of contouring is a girl’s best friend. With all of the holiday parties and family gatherings, you are sure to put on a few pounds. Not to worry ladies: with a quick stroke of a blush brush, you can create slimmer facial features that you are sure to love!

If you are like me, then you were blessed with the “chubby cheek/face syndrome.” You can create an illusion of high defined cheekbones by simply making a fish face in the mirror & brush contour powder in the hollows of your cheeks & you can enhance this look by adding a little makeup highlighter to your cheekbones.

To hide that extra chin action, starting from behind your ear brush contour powder sweeping it across your jawline and blend in towards your neck area. To magnify your bone structure, brush contour powder at your temples and forehead area. This will bring an all over slimming effect to your beautiful face.


OC Beauty | Tips to Contouring Your Face

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