Tuesday, Jan 8th, 2013

OC Beauty | Hot Trend: The Fishtail Braid

Of course wearing your hair flowing with ringlets is sexy, but there’s a new sexy in town! The fishtail braid has been seen everywhere from red carpet events to a stroll in the park. Celebs such as Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, and Angela Simmons have all rocked the fancy braid at various events. Even actress Nina Dobrev (below) rocked a fishtail braid at an Oscar party.

After the break, see how you can create the perfect fishtail braid for any occassion!

STEP 1 Brush & Section:

Detangle and brush out your hair so it’s easy to handle. If you need to, smooth out flyaways and frizz with a grooming cream. You don’t have to have stick straight locks to rock this look, just keep things knot-free! Divide the hair into two even sections starting from the middle of the scalp.


STEP 2 Weave From The Right

You can begin braiding from either side, but we’re starting from the right. Use your pinky and ring finger to grab a small section of the hair (approximately 1/4″ inch) from the back of the right side. Add this section to the left side by folding it over with your left hand.


STEP 3 Weave From The Left

After you’ve added a strand to your left side, take your left pinky and grab a 1/4″ strand from the back of the left section. Fold it over and add it to your right section. Make sure these first few strands are tighter so you get comfortable with the process and nothing falls loose.


STEP 4 Continue Weaving

Continue weaving strands from the left and right. You’re going to be weaving more or less depending on the thickness of your strands. But trust us—the fishtail effect looks so much better when you weave thinner pieces instead of thicker. It make take longer, but it’s worth it!


STEP 5 Finish Up

Once you’re at a comfortable place to end your braid, secure it with an elastic band or a clip. If you feel like your braid is too tight, loosen it by gently massaging the strands with your hands. Grab both hands simultaneously and gently pull away from the braid. This technique gives the braid that casual and effortless look.






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