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OC Beauty How To | Reverse French Manicure

This nail trend is incredibly easy to do at home! French manicures are very popular amongst manicurists, but the Reverse French Manicure is changing the game. This creative trend is sure to turn heads, and make a great conversation piece. Here is how you can do it:  


• Clean manicured nails

• A base coat

• 2 different nail colors of your choice

• Hole reinforcements



• A quick dry topcoat

• Q-tip

• Acetone


1. Start off with a clean nail; make sure the surface is nail polish & oil free.

2.  Apply your base coat or ridge filler. This prevents staining & chipping. Let it dry. 

3.  Pick one color for your half moon section and paint your nails entirely.

*Note: A fast drying polish is probably your best option because you will need to wait until your base coat is completely dry to continue onto the next step. If you have the time and patience, then go ahead and use any polish you’d like.                

4.  Once your base color has completely dried, take some page self-adhesive hole reinforcements and cut them down the middle. 

5.  Apply one sticker to each nail making sure the round side is facing down from the cuticle towards the end of your nail. Make sure the sticker is placed on securely to prevent the polish from bleeding onto the base color.

6.  Apply your desired second color to the rest of your nails from the round part of the sticker to the tip of your nails.

7.  Once the topcoat color has completely dried, you can go ahead and clean up any unwanted edges with a q-tip dipped in acetone.

8.  Remove the stickers slowly from one side only. If done correctly, you should have gotten a nice crisp moon shape on your nails.

9.  Apply a topcoat to your Reverse French Manicure.

Source: Sugar And Spice Blog


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