Thursday, May 17th, 2012

OC Covers | LisaRaye Talks Hollywood Friendships, Catfights With Stacey Dash, & More in JET Magazine!

Actress LisaRaye McCoy is covering the May 28th issue of JET magazine and is telling all! The VH1 “Single Ladies” star opens up about her cat fights with former “Single Ladies” star Stacey Dash, ditching certain Hollywood friendships, and more!

On the catfights that what really went down on set:

Yes, there was a disagreement over a scene.  And it really wasn’t with me.  It was with the director.  I think it was about 2 or 3AM and we’d been shooting all damn day.  Stacey tried to argue with the director about a line.  And I’m like: “Girl, if you don’t say what the director wants you to say.”  It wasn’t that serious at first, but it went there. It’s a bunch of women on the set.  We might all be on our damn period at any given point.  I just wanted us to move forward.  Then the argument took on a life of its own.  The show decided to use it for publicity.  They just ran with it.

Read what she has to say about Stacey’s departure from the show and which Hollywood friend she had to let go after the break!


On moving on without Stacey Dash who played her best friend on the show:

Believe me I wish things had worked out because I thought Stacey and I were great together.  She was my age and we were working it.  It was sex-symbol to sex-symbol.  But she didn’t want to be there.  I was disappointed about that.  She had some issues.  I’m not sure exactly what those issues were.  In the end, she and VH1 made a decision.


On which Hollywood friend she’s had to dump:

Duane Martin.  I introduced him to my ex-husband [former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick], he got buddy-buddy with him and then turned against me.   Just recently, this fool Duane up and sold a building he and I bought awhile ago in Los Angeles, without asking…I don’t care if we’re not friends, just don’t try to f**k me in the interim. When I heard about him in the middle of Will & Jada’s divorce rumors, I tweeted: sounds familiar.  He really aint got enough business.


Source: TheYBF

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