Saturday, Jan 28th, 2012

OC Romance | New ‘Alibis’ For Cheating Men?

Have you ever heard an excuse from your man as to why he wasn’t coming home or why he came home late in which you suspected him cheating? “My car broke down,” “I’m working late,” or maybe, “I was out sailing!” Well, to help men who are cheating, a club has created Alibis, a cologne that smells exactly like your man’s excuse. Created by Mavericks, a strip club in Cape Town, South Africa, Alibis comes in three scents:

Working Late is designed to smell like cigarettes, coffee, ink, and wool suits. Broken Down Car smells like fuel, burnt rubber, grease, oil, and steel. Out Sailing will smell like fresh ocean spray, sunscreen, aqua, and cotton rope. All of these can be purchased for $37 on the Mavericks website! Not sure how many of you women would believe your man even if he did spray these scents on–especially with the ‘I’m out sailing’ catch phrase-but now that we have a heads up, “I’m working late” has a whole new meaning!

We found some other funny scent names from Phoenix New Times that had us laughing!:

I rescued a cat from a burning tree (cat piss, bark, and smoldering ash)

I had a study group (old books, sweaty underclassmen, and Red Bull), and

I’m not clever enough to come up with an excuse for coming home at 4 a.m. (tequila and strippers)

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